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Blue Mountain Project
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  Welcome Dr. Josie Reynolds and her husband Joe to the area. The couple are volunteers for the Blue Mountain Project stationed at Hagley Gap, a small community just a short drive up the mountain from Lime Tree. They recently arrived from the UK and after settling in came over to introduce themselves. The BMP

Wood Cottage
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We recently added a new roof to one of our Blue Mountain cottages named ‘Wind’ at Lime Tree Farm, apart from looking more “Alpine” the new roof keeps the cottage cooler in the hot weather & stops the water soaking through the hurricane proof slab top during wet periods. With over 1500 screws & bolts

Lime Tree Farm Goats
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Last week at daybreak, the inhabitants & guests of Lime Tree Farm were woken early by Alex my son - great excitement our goat was about to give birth

limetreefarm on a bad day
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After 6 weeks of Blue skies, temperatures in the 90s & no rain, we can safely say we are in a drought! That might not be as bad as it sounds

hurricane weather Jamaica
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Due to hurricane season, the need for some paintwork & a break we've decided to close for the month of September.

oranges at Lime Tree Farm

Good year for Citrus at Lime Tree Farm

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If you feel like spending our winter with us sipping freshly squeezed oranges & watching the hummingbirds feed contact

Lime Tree Farm wedding


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We are delighted to be able to announce the Christmas Wedding of Mr & Mrs Mark Rhodes here at Lime Tree Farm.  Mark & Nicky were married on the lawn of Lime Tree Farm in front of a moddest crowd of about 25 people on Christmas Eve 2008. Mark & Nicky have been coming to

Lime Tree Farm vistas


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The completion of a new room with a view to die for of Blue Mountain itself & the Cedar & Yallus Valleys Jamaica

Yallus trail
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For many years I’ve wanted to find & hike the Yallus River Trail, this trail runs from below Hagley Gap high in the Blue Mountains to the town ofYallus on the south coast of Jamaica, it was constructed sometime around the 1950’s as a donkey road to get coffee upriver to Mavis Bank Factory &

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Two weeks after "Tropical Storm GuStav" passed through the Blue Mountains we are still reeling from its effects

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