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Lime Tree ride
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An unforgettable ride at Lime Tree Farm courtesy of our new LandRover

Pizza lesson at Lime Tree Farm
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Now guests at Lime Tree Farm can expect a little Italian/Jamaican fusion cooking along with the best coffee in the world!

Wood Cottage
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We recently added a new roof to one of our Blue Mountain cottages named “wood” at Lime Tree Farm, apart from looking more “Alpine” the new roof keeps the cottage cooler in the hot weather & stops the water soaking through the hurricane proof slab top during wet periods. With over 1500 screws & bolts

Lime Tree Farm Goats
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Last week at daybreak, the inhabitants & guests of Lime Tree Farm were woken early by Alex my son - great excitement our goat was about to give birth

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I'm in Falmouth - no not Cornwall but Jamaica trying desperately to move 25 acres of living coral before a huge cutter dredger arrives

limetreefarm on a bad day
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After 6 weeks of Blue skies, temperatures in the 90s & no rain, we can safely say we are in a drought! That might not be as bad as it sounds

hurricane weather Jamaica
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Due to hurricane season, the need for some paintwork & a break we've decided to close for the month of September.

cinchona Botanical Gardens
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I'm afraid that the FT article has tainted the pure magic of Cinchona to sustain its article on Jamaica

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All of us here at Lime Tree Farm (cats and all) are delighted to welcome JET LI as our new head of security

Cinchona Picnic

Orchids in Bloom at Cinchona

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Cinchona Botanical Gardens is one of my favourite places in the world in any weather & our guests were not disappointed on our picnic

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